Tammy Zdunich
Margaret Royena

Photos Taken By
Freya Kinash

Placemakers is a monthly evening meet up for business minded women. You feel pulled to create. You shape places, develop products, lend your voice, contribute services, build communities. Placemaker’s see what’s not there and are willing to take risks to evolve the world around them.


This is a supportive gathering of women, talking about business, sharing resources, growing together. Plan to bring your laptop, resources you love, books that have impacted you, and a pen and notebook. Everything we do here is done with an open heart, in a non-judgemental space.


Lead Designer
Margaret Royena

Graphic Designer
Alyssa Martin

Le’Bou Cosmetics is a beauty brand based in California. Amber Lebao (Owner & Founder) has been with me since the beginning of Popbrand Co. We we’re given the task to make her Shopify store, create email marketing, and social media campaigns.


The images above are from her Shopify store. With the selection of vibrant lip products, we wanted to make sure that the site was clean, simple, and showcased the array of colours.


Lead Designer
Margaret Royena

Chiantelle Rey is a multitalented and charismatic woman! On paper she’s an event planner, wedding coordinator, and is in training to become a holistic nutritionist! In person, she’s supportive, enthusiastic, and not to mention—an amazing childhood friend of mine. When she approached me about creating her logo, I was thrilled and honoured to take part in her brand identity.


The photos above are from her Pinterest boards! She is drawn towards earth tones especially soft pastel greens & pinks. These colours really represent her personality and the style she evokes. For her logo, I wanted to give it elements of regal and elegance.


Lead Designer
Margaret Royena

Restore Blank is a monthly nail polish subscription service for a cause. Each month they select a cause (mainly focused on women’s issues) and deliver you a nail polish to paint your nails in solidarity of the cause. It’s a way of showing support and growing awareness around important issues.


Each month Natacha teams up with an artist who creates a custom postcard around the featured cause to include in every subscription box. I am honoured to be among the artist who get to contribute to raise awareness for the month of November.

Natacha had mentioned that November’s cause would be about families who have been through a pregnancy or infant loss. This struck a cord in me, because my close cousin and her husband had just recently gone through a miscarriage. I felt like I needed to do this for her family and for families who are going through the same experience.


After a heart felt conversation over the phone and on facebook messenger, she shared this quote:

Great Love, Great Grief
― Unkown

Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.
― Vicki Harrison

The first quote was from my cousin who really gravitated to those words. This informed the feature text. I wanted to make it stand out with it’s clarity and boldness. The second quote played a role in the imagery of waves paired with the abstract illustrations that felt fitting surrounding the topic.